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Best Ways To Remove Bathroom Wall Tiles


Now and again people change there bathroom décor, usually this means you need to remove bathroom wall tiles.  Ceramic wall tiles are a common choice for bathrooms as they are water resistant, hygienic and look great.  Or maybe you just need to remove one tile because it is damaged.  What ever the situation, this article provides the advice you need to remove tiles the most efficient way.

Problems with Removing Bathroom Wall Tiles

  • If you need to remove all your wall tiles, you risk damaging things within your bathroom such as your toilet, sink, shower etc.
  • If you are removing only 1 tile, you risk damaging the surrounding tiles.
  • You only have one shot to remove a tile without damaging others. Get it wrong, and you risk wasting a lot of time removing and replacing other tiles.
  • If you need to remove all your tiles, it can be very time consuming and messy.

Best Ways to Remove Bathroom Wall Tiles

We have researched some of the best tips to remove ceramic bathroom wall tiles.  

Cover up your Bathroom

Ceramic tiles are sharp, so it is a good idea to protect things that may get damaged.  If sharp ceramic tiles are allowed to fall onto shower trays or baths, they may get scratched.  Cardboard is a great material to use for protection, or you could use thick sheets.

Tools Needed

First of all you need to be prepared.  Gather all the tools and safety wear you need in order to complete the job.  We recommend the following tools:

  • Chisel
  • Hammer

Safety Wear Needed

  • Gloves
  • Safety Glasses

Find your Best Starting Point

The best starting point for removing a tile with a chisel is an edge with no adjacent tiles.  Or an edge that is loose.  To find loose tiles easily, try prodding the edge of different tiles with the butt of the hammer.  If it feels slightly loose, it could be a good place to start.

The hardest start point is when you need to remove a tile that is surrounded by other tiles.  This is because there is usually no easy access from the side when using a chisel.  In this situation you will need to break the tile up that needs removing.  This is done using a chisel with a pointed end, also known as a cross cut chisel.  Hit the centre of the tile you want to remove with a cross cut chisel, it will then break up into smaller pieces which can be removed.

Remove any other Tiles

After removing the first tile, it should give you easy access to others.  Use a cold chisel with a hammer to remove the other tiles off the wall, keeping the chisel close to the wall.

Tidy Up

Once you have removed all the necessary tiles, it is now time to tidy up.

We hope you have enjoyed this article on the best ways to remove bathroom wall tiles.


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