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What Is a Drainage Investigation?

A drainage investigation is the process of checking whether certain drainage systems operate properly.  This involves regular checks of whether a system is prone to blockage or interruptions that may hinder drainage of water as it is supposed to.  A drainage investigation could be the difference between you having a proper flow of water or a mediocre water flow system that might lead to blockages and expensive fluid wastage.

Why Have Drainage Investigations?

There are a number of reasons why a drainage investigation is absolutely necessary.  Some of the reasons why people get drainage investigations include:

Home Buyer Surveys

When people are trying to buy a house to call a home, they are likely to check out the home’s drainage system just to ensure that everything is in order as advertised.  Buyers will, therefore, seek the services of an expert in order for them to conduct a thorough drainage investigation.

Seeking to Solve Blockages

If you live in a home where constant blockages are the norm, then you are likely to consider checking out what the issue could be. A drainage investigation could help identify these issues, and may also provide solutions.

Checking for Water Ingress 

For those who might not be familiar with the term, Water ingress simply refers to the act or means of water entry or infiltration through a surface that is porous.  A drainage investigation would come in handy when it comes to checking for any sign of water infiltration into sensitive areas. It is also useful when correcting the effect of water infiltration.

Subsidence Investigation

Subsidence refers to a shift in the position of a surface relative to a datum such as a sea level.  This shift mostly occurs downwards and may lead to a lot of damage and instability.  Subsidence has been responsible for great damage such as the collapse of huge structures, as well as the disruption of major flow systems.

Drainage Investigation Techniques

A drainage investigation is appropriate here in order to diagnose the problem and seek corrective direction and cause of action.  Now that we have looked at some of the reasons why one should carry out a drainage investigation, it is important to look at some of the best techniques that can be put to use when carrying out drainage investigations.

Dye Testing

Dye testing is one of the most efficient and simplest methods of drainage investigations. This method works great when dealing with water infiltration in sensitive areas such as subfloors and cellars.  The method involves dye testing different parts of the system with several colors in order to identify and single out the problem area.  You do not need to worry about the dye to be used in testing.  It is totally safe, environmentally friendly and won’t stain the working area.  These dyes usually come in powder and tablet form.

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what is a drainage investigation

Drain Flush Testing

Checking a system can be as simple as the flush of a toilet.  It does not have to be rocket science or requiring of an expert to fix this.  You can flash the toilet, pour water or run a tap down a gully and wait by the manhole.  If the water does not come through, it might mean that the system is blocked and requiring attention.

Analysis of Water

When you are dealing with cases of water infiltration into cellars and subfloors, you may want to take a sample of this water.  Water samples help you determine whether you have storm water, potable water or foul water.  This analysis can be conducted at any local laboratory, and should not cost you more than 90 pounds.

what is a drainage investigation

Pressure Testing

Pressure testing can be done using either water or air.  A water test can work by installing a bung at an end of a line, then filing the upstream section with water in order to check for any leaks. Another test involves pumping or running air through one of the bungs in a system airline.  The airline usually has a gauge connected to it with a small amount of water in it.  As pressure builds in it water rises and remains in position if the system is intact and without any vulnerability.

Drain Camera Inspection

A visual look at the inner workings of a system can give a lot of insight.  This method is quite great when it comes to locating defects brought about by blockages such as misaligned pipes in order to correct them.

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what is a drainage investigation

Pipe Profiling

This is an advanced technique which involves using a ring of light on the drain’s internal wall.  Software is then used to measure pipe deformations in order to determine the extent of damage.  This method is increasingly gaining popularity since new materials are fast replacing traditional concrete pipes, and clay which had the ability to easily show defects.

Sonar Drain Tracing

This method involves the use of a transmitter which is pushed down a system with a receiver attached to it. This is great for locating exact spots where defects exist in camera surveys before the start of excavation works.

Ground Penetration Radar

This involves the use of a device that is submerged into the drainage system.  The device then provides readings regarding soil erosion and voids.


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