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Where Can You Stay During A Major Home Reconstruction?

Are you planning to renovate your home this year? Statistics indicate 90% of homeowners were considering domestic remodeling in 2019 at some point, whereas 40% of homeowners wanted to change how their houses looked in the following year. Unless the pandemic hampered your plans, you probably have renovated your apartment just like two-thirds of Americans have done since March 2020. However, domestic remodeling makes your house chaotic and difficult for your family to reside in that space. Experts have proposed some tactics for survival while renovation’s taking place. For instance, it helps to create a reno-free zone for your family. But we suggest searching for alternate dwellings.

Ten places where you can live while your home’s being renovated

Are you required to leave during a major reconstruction? Nope. It’s your choice whether you wish to stay or leave with your family. If you decide to stay during this massive undertaking, you can monitor this project’s progress. However, your family must endure dust, debris, and noise for several weeks as workers disband and assemble the structure. If your kitchen or bathroom’s being torn down, you won’t have access to these portions of your dwelling.

Moreover, if someone in your family is suffering from serious health concerns, they need to leave because of toxins, pollutants, and related irritants. So, where can you choose to stay instead of your house? We’ll try to pull off some possible suggestions for homeowners here:


Your family can leverage lodging facilities as living quarters during an ongoing renovation. So, these affordable residential establishments offer you the necessary amenities your partner/children need to thrive. A quick search on Google Maps can help you find nearby motels for temporary accommodation. For example, suppose your home is in Reagan County, Texas. Search for ‘motels in Big Lake TX‘ to find some convenient and comfortable rooms for yourself and the family to stay in during its reconstruction. A simple query will show you some high-quality motels that offer all the essential services you expect, including housekeeping and Wi-Fi. Repeat the same for any city you live in, and voila!

Rented Dwellings

You can temporarily rent another place when your home becomes inhabitable because of remodeling. These short-term rental apartments come fully-furnished, semi-furnished, or filled with the essentials (move-in-ready). Some apartment communities even provide the necessary amenities for your family’s short-term stay ranging from appliances to gyms and pools for a luxury stay. Just use online portals such as Apartment Search to find some living options for your family.

With Friends or Family

Here’s another cost-effective method for homeowners who wish to escape domestic confines during a major reconstruction project. You can ask your friends or family to lend you some space. So, you can crash at their guest rooms during these few months. Conversely, you can spend some nights at your relative’s dwelling and then migrate to someone else’s home. Staying with relatives doesn’t promise to remain completely comfortable. However, it’s still better than living with debris in your house.

Your House

We talked about how you’re not “required” to stay out of the house during renovation. It’s just your choice to live somewhere else. However, you may choose to stick to your dwelling as well. So, where do you intend to stay during remodeling? We suggest turning one room into a “reno-free” region so your children can stay safe there. Remember to bring your essentials, such as clothes, chargers, toothbrushes, medicines, etc.

The Backyard

Should you live in the backyard? Experts believe living in a backyard dwelling is possible today. It ensures you’re closer to your home and can keep an eye on the workers. Moreover, it’s not that expensive, and you leave behind a minimal ecological footprint. We also suggest renting a teardrop camping trailer that easily fits small backyards. It costs 5-20 thousand dollars only to buy (though it seems wiser to rent one). That’s how you can have a “backyard adventure” during remodeling.

Campers or Trailers

Statistics suggest that around 9% of American households own RVs, and many are considering buying this machine. These motor vehicles contain all the amenities you expect in a house, thereby earning the nickname “mobile homes.” You can survive the debris from the renovation project by living inside a trailer for a few months while monitoring workers’ progress. Also, you may even get some gas, water, and electricity to make these portable residences comfier.


Some well-off homeowners prefer extended-stay hotels where you can reside for a month. So, these hotels provide you with all the amenities you expect in a typical home. These establishments are ideal for people who have intentions to reside at these facilities for a long time. There also are some cheap options for people who can’t afford luxury places for their families. These hotels usually are located near business districts, so it’s easier for folks to reside there during house remodeling.


Another expensive tactic (if you’re willing to pay, of course) involves seeking out corporate housing – furnished apartments such as suites – while your house’s being renovated. While extended-stay hotels are meant for month-long stays, these suites can accommodate your family for two to three months. Experts have also pointed out that corporate housing offers separate rooms and in-house laundry options. These further amenities do make suites more luxurious than simple extended-stay rooms.

A Fine Trip

How about making no residential arrangements at all? You can just take that vacation your partner’s always talking about. So, embarking upon an impromptu vacation may serve as that much-required getaway to strengthen your bond with the people you love. Once you’ve returned home, you shall then be greeted by a freshly renovated place. From regional attractions to international adventures, there are many choices for homeowners who can spend some money on vacation during renovation.

Vacation Rentals

Here’s another idea. What if you rent a vacation-like space without going on an actual vacation? You can now leverage websites such as VRBO and Airbnb for finding temporary residences for yourself at the time of renovation. However, we must warn you that vacation rentals aren’t cost-effective. So, you may have to spend a hefty amount of money to get your hands on these luxury places. Keep in mind that this option’s for homeowners who can afford a lavish dwelling during home reno projects.


Despite an ongoing pandemic, the domestic remodeling industry’s surging in the United States. It’s been confirmed by recently published statistics that 58% of American homeowners in 2020 were planning to renovate their apartments within the following year. A renovation project always brings some amount of discomfort for the family involved, e.g., debris, toxins, and several strangers walking around the premises. So, what’s the solution? We propose considering alternate living situations for your family members. You can rent RVs or get some motels near your home. Some homeowners choose short-term rental apartments, whereas others prefer to stay with friends and family. There are several residential options for you and the family. So pick one that suits your needs and budget.


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