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Why is Surface Water Drainage Important?

What is Surface Water Drainage?

Surface water drainage is where rainwater falls on a property and drains away.  Drainage around your property carries this surface water away from the patios, driveways, and gutters.  It is then transported to rivers, soak away or streams.  A level or flat land that has an impermeable sub-soil and shallow topsoil need surface drainage.

Why is Surface Water Drainage Important? 

Surface water drainage is very important when it comes to home maintenance.  However, it is something that is often overlooked.  It is essential that home owners have an efficient surface water drainage system.  More importantly, surface water drainage avoids poor drainage.  Inadequate drainage can cause issues around a property such as damp, or even subsidence.  Other issues include standing water, insects, foul odor, mud, dying plants and ruined turf.  The planning and installation of a suitable drainage system can solve and avoid these issues.  Thus, your site will not turn into something of a nightmare. This is especially during rainy seasons and storms.

Types of Surface Water Drainage

If you are serious about keeping water away from the foundations of your property, read the drainage methods below:

Footing Drain 

This is an effective system. The pipe used is installed around the foundation wall perimeter. It is leveled on the footing. The pipe collects the water coming from above the footing of the basement.  It will drain the water from the walls.  And then, the drain will be covered with gravel. This further continues to the surface of the soil.

French Drain 

This pipe is usually perforated and installed in the flat yard. This can be very useful when it comes to draining standing water away. This excavates a trench which slopes away from your property. The pipe will then be installed.  Gravel will actually be used to fill the trench. This is usually done before the trench is completely covered. The water follows an escape route and seeps down to the tile. It drains the water away from the yard.  Learn more about french drains here.

why is surface water drainage important

Grading Drainage 

This one is proven to be a simple technique. This usually requires the rework of the grading for it to slope away from the house. The gradient will be assessed by a contractor. This is because this material drives water and pushes it into the storm sewer in the building code.

Gutter Drainage System 

Any homeowner should keep in mind that roof water can cause damage later on in life. This is especially true if it is not properly drained. That’s the time that a downspout system and gutter are useful when it comes to draining away roof water from the walls of the house.  Prior to the downspout drain, it usually is extended from the walls. It pushes the water to the catch basin or storm sewer.


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